transform every visit into an unforgettable experience!

Your museum in the palm of your hand, with an unprecedented multimedia experience.

Admiring the art in our country has never been easier or more unique! With amuseapp, you can reach visitors from all over the world with personalized and engaging content.

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Over 500 museums have already chosen amuseapp. Here are some of our clients:

The advantages of amuseapp

Lower costs, higher quality. amuseapp eliminates the expense of traditional audio guides, providing visitors with a superior experience.

Using artificial intelligence simplifies content creation, saving valuable time for museum staff.

Integrating artificial intelligence enables precise and instant translations, saving money and ensuring seamless communication with international visitors.

Guide visitors through your museum’s treasures with high-quality, real-time updatable voiceovers powered by automatic narration.

Choosing amuseapp means embracing the innovation that is often lacking in museum institutions. We offer a modern and technologically advanced solution to enhance the visitor experience and meet their ever-evolving expectations.


Choose amuseapp and join the digital revolution in the museum sector!

How does it work?

Forget traditional audio guides. With amuseapp, you can offer your visitors an unprecedented experience, even after their museum visit has ended. From content creation to monetization in just 4 steps!

Enter your content
Sign up for amuseapp and, through the cloud platform, upload your content and itineraries.
Install the QR Codes
For each point of interest, download and install the QR Codes. This way, visitors can scan them to access texts, audio, video, and images for further information.
Get visitors to download the app
Inform your visitors about amuseapp, available for Apple and Android smartphones. Through the app, visitors can access multimedia content, even after their visit.
Monetize the content
Sell the content to the visitor. For your museum, there will be no difference compared to the audio guide, but for the visitor, it will be a new and... magical experience!

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